The Internet of Things is Here!

When Ted first mentioned the Internet of Things, for some reason my mind went to the future. It was only after further contemplation that I realised that the Internet of Things is now. I tried to think if I might be interacting with some of these objects on a day to day basis and how this affected my life. In the video below I demonstrate an object in my life that is connected to the Internet of things (please don’t judge!)

While tracking your health and fitness could seem like an exciting concept, it’s important to think about who else can see this data. In terms of Fitbit the company often sells information to third parties with the subject’s name removed. Furthermore, this type of data has already been used in court, with one woman using Fitbit collected data in an injury claim.

Data from the body could be considered some of the most personal information, so it’s certainly problematic that Fitbit is using it to make a profit. This also leads to the question of what else this information could be used for. Is the Internet of Things a road to further convenience or a decline in privacy?

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