What Could Be Better Than Free?

Better than free

Above is my first ever info graphic (*pats self on back*)! I wanted to outline Kelly’s (2008) 8 Generatives that are better than free. I found his approach to the issue of the long tail really interesting and thought it would be a good idea to break it down. In a world full of free information and content, it is imperative to understand what is valuable in order to sell a product. Kelly has accumulated a great list of product attributes that are better than free, but I’m curious to know if this list could be added to. Are there other generatives that can’t be copied that aren’t on Kelly’s list?

2 thoughts on “What Could Be Better Than Free?

  1. Nice info-graphic! It would have been good to see more of your take on the result of everything being free rather than just a summary of Kelly’s view. I do agree Kelly’s article was very interesting. I’m finding it difficult to find a concept that couldn’t be expressed in one of the generative’s stated by Kelly and would be interested in hearing if anyone can come up with something!

    1. Thanks! I would have loved to have touched on that but unfortunately we don’t get much space to reflect in these posts! Instead I thought it would be fun to create an infograph on what I took from this week! Yea I think Kelly has is all covered but I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone had anything to add. It is interesting to actually think about why we pay for some things and why we don’t with others and his approach really sums it up well. Thanks for the comment!

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