I’ve Got the Eurovision

Let’s talk about Eurovision. Oh yes, you heard me. Eurovision.

Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest

For those who’ve been living under a rock, let me explain to you the magical phenomenon that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is an annual live television contest in which the members of the European Broadcasting Union each write and perform a song. It all began way back in 1959; Europe was looking for ways to bring countries together after a devastating war and Marcel Bezençon decided that an international song contest was the way to go. Thus Eurovision was born! Even at it’s conception, the show was intended for a wide audience of numerous nations.

Fast forward to this year, where Eurovision is celebrating it’s 55th year and is still going strong. It is estimated that 125 million viewers from around the globe tune in each year. Not only this but almost 5.5 million tweets were sent around the contest. This broadcast has clearly spread from Europe to the entire globe; worldwide people are watching and talking about Eurovision at the same time. Still don’t believe me? Check out this map of how these tweets played out during the contest.

Let’s cut to the chase. Why is this relevant? Well this is all representative of how technology has sped up globalisation. (Ah globalisation, we meet again.) Eurovision was always intended for a larger audience outside of one room, but with the help of technology and media, it has spread globally. Initially, the song contest was broadcasted on the radio, with some lucky people watching it on the tele. Now, it is accessible to almost anyone and is creating international conversations.


Eurovision may seem like a tacky, hilarious spectacle of strangely dressed singing Europeans (which it is), but it is also is a vessel to bring people together and to create a truly global event. And that, my friends, is why Eurovision is pretty awesome.






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