David Carr and all things Future

A few weeks ago I wrote about how, despite some moral panics, journalism wasn’t in fact dead. It seems to be thriving in fact. So this week when we were asked to watch this video, I’m not gunna lie, I felt pretty validated. If you’re not keen on watching a whole 30 minutes of three white guys having a pow-wow, I’ll give you  quick little run down. During the half-hour David Carr, Andy Lack and Tom Fiedler discussed the current changes occurring in the media and journalism and how this affects journalism education. Obviously, I don’t want to write the same post twice, so instead of focussing how journalism is changing I want to look a bit closer at the teaching of journalism and media studies.

David Carr mentioned that the old model of employment in journalism has completely changed. Prior to the huge online industry boom (aka the Dark Ages), students would have to work their way up the newspaper chain. Now, there is so much more variety in job prospects, more platforms to get a story out and more potential to go viral. David Carr talks about how media production will be a big focus in journalism education so that graduates will have the tools to create their own content, because now more than ever journalists have the capacity to become successful while still working independently. He also talks about learning less about ‘the good old days’ but rather a focus on looking at the present and the near future. (Cue Kool and the Gang’s rendition of Celebration)

As a media student, this is music to my ears. If I have to hear about the invention of the printing press one more time… I swear…I will blog about it…

It’s amazing that we’re living in a time where such big changes are happening in the media which throws so many old models out the window. It creates more opportunity for innovation and creativity. And hopefully it means that some of us won’t have to go into the middle of nowhere for our first job (fingers crossed!)


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