A Look Back

I debated putting this reflection up on this site because I wasn’t sure if I wanted my self-evaluation to be up for all to see. But I figured that I should be honest on this blog so here it is.

Me as a blogger Image Source: http://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/recruitment/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/r31.jpg
Me as a blogger
Image Source: http://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/recruitment/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/r31.jpg

I struggled at first with writing my blog posts. In fact, I’m still struggling. I’ve never been a natural writer; so having to write my opinions on the Internet was something I wasn’t too excited about. However, through this experience I’ve definitely learnt a few things, and I might continue my blog in the future as I genuinely enjoyed writing a lot of the posts.

I did, however, have difficulty in writing about topics in which I wasn’t interested. For example, the topic on piracy didn’t have me jumping for joy and I made that clear. Because of this I put off writing the post until it couldn’t wait any longer. However what I did learn from this is that I shouldn’t have been so worried. I actually learnt about some interesting history of piracy, and so I wrote about that. That blog post taught me that I shouldn’t assume that I wouldn’t be interested in a particular topic. That being said, I’m not sure I’ll be jumping at the chance to write about knitting or taking out the trash, but I will be a little more open minded about what I’m going to write about.

My next problem was that I had to stop myself from writing too much about topics I’m super interested in. Writing about fandom was a blast and I loved reading about fan practices and Beatlemania. I found an excellent book about fans and I wanted to include everything because it was just so perfect. Unfortunately I had to edit myself. Crying, I deleted about 30% of what I had written in order to streamline my post. It still is one of my longest posts, but at least it’s not an essay. From then on I tried to make my posts a little shorter as I didn’t want me “readers” to think they had to spend days reading one of my posts. I wanted to practice getting my point across in a succinct and effective way.

The reason I’ve put “readers” in quotation marks is because I haven’t exactly got a big readership. I’m sure the majority of readers are my tutor and other students trying to suss out what others are writing about. But you know what, readers are readers and I get so excited every time I see I’ve had a visitor on my page. It makes me happy that someone is actually reading what I’ve got to say. I’m not going to lie; one of the greatest moments of my life was discovering that I’d had a reader from overseas. That blew my mind. I even tweeted about it because I was that excited. At the moment though, I’m happy with my readership.

This year I lost my twitter virginity. It was pretty scary because I had no clue what to tweet, but I’ve started to get into the swing of things. The thing I’ve found with Twitter is that it’s an excellent platform to have conversations about media, audience and place. Not only can I share my blog posts, but also I can see and take part in discussions. I definitely think that Twitter was so important in this process and I would like to start using it even more to talk with people around the world about media audience and place.

I’d like to think I’ve improved in my blogging. It’s much easier to say what I had trouble with than to say what I’ve improved at. Probably because I have no clue what I’m doing half the time! I feel like I’ve started to develop my own distinct voice and writing style, which I’m pretty happy with. I’ve also started to actually reference my sources so yay for not plagiarising! I’ve become more confident in my blogging. At the beginning I was scared to start writing because I didn’t know if it was going to be any good.  However now I plan my posts and I know what I want to say before I start writing. Because of this I’ve started to really enjoy blogging. I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m a strong blogger, but I’m happy with my progress for the time being.


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