With Love, From Prague

With Love, From Prague

Right. Here we are again. I must admit, I’m not much of a writer so when I was told that we’d be writing blogs again I wasn’t exactly excited. But I’ve decided to push outside my comfort zone because
1. I have to and,
2. I love talking about this sort of thing.
I apologise if you’ve stumbled across this ill-written piece because I’m afraid my mediocre attempt at a blog will leave you considerably unsatisfied.
Anyway, back to the topic: Media and space. I’m in Prague at the moment and in between spending time in the sun with a nice cold beer (not bragging in any way) I’ve been thinking about what photo I’m going to post. It’s simple, the whole time I’ve been in Europe I’ve been surviving on whatever free wifi I can get (let’s be honest, a student can’t afford using their data in a foreign country). Which means that media outlets such as Facebook and Snapchat have been important in connecting me to my friends at home. Although Snapchat can be seen as an app for stupid faces, pictures of food and infamously teenage sexting, for me it has been imperative in connecting me to my home in Sydney.
I’ve been rambling. I’ll get to the point. I’ve received many images from friends during my stay in Europe, like the one above from my best friend, which keep me in loop on what’s been going on at home. I’m not there physically, but through the use of social media I’ve been able to be there virtually. What I’m trying to say is that for me, media is what connects me to specific places even when I’m not there. It’s like I’ve never left. Except here it’s still warm!


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